TG190 Bluetooth Heated Cycle Glove


Tugga heat technology with integrated Bluetooth
2 temperature modes: Bluetooth and Manual
Tugga protection system and Touchscreen
eVent DVStretch fabric: Windproof, Hydrofilic, Breathable
DEKRA, CE, GS and RoHs certifications

Package content:
2 Tugga heated gloves
2 magnetic battery pack glove
1 global charger with charging display and region-specific plugs
Manual instructions with a quickstart guide



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Tugga Heated Cyclist Gloves keep your hands warm during your bicycle trips.
The exterior is made of  a stretch eVent windproof and hydropfilic fabric, which keeps your hands warm and dry.
At the same time, the stretchness and breathable composition give you freedom of movement and comfiness.
An eleastic velcro strip allows you to adjust them to your wrist and the foamed reinforcements protect the palm from frictions and provide a good grip.
All the features fit easily together with a lightweight carbon fiber cable, that distributes heat through your hands very quickly.
All our gloves are touchscreen friendly, so it is not necessary to take them off when it comes to use your smartphone.
The result is a remarkable performance against the extreme wet, cold and wind in prolonged conditions, without compromising on neither movement nor design.


Our batteries and connectors are magnetic, which provides a quick and secure connection.
Magnetic connectors easily disconnect when experiencing strain and helps prevent the cable from fraying or weakening over time.
For a longer duration of heat in the hands, you can order replacement batteries.


In our effort to deliver the most precise warmth, now our new gloves generation offer two options of warmth: Manual mode and Bluetooth mode.
The Manual mode provides three heat levels by pressing the turtle logo at the top:
Red- High: 60º C
Amber- Medium: 50º C
Green- Low: 45º C
The Bluetooth mode consists in using TUGGA app to adjust the warmth from green to red and even costumize a fourth option: White.The Tugga Protection System consists in a Temperature Thermostat and a Protective Sensor that regulates the glove’s interior temperature. This provides not only a constant and safe warmth but a longer battery autonomy as well.


Carbon fiber technology
Li-ion battery 7.4V 2700 mAh
Up to  8 hours of operation
Battery charger 100v-240v

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